Collaboration kick-off grant

This grant is intended to provide seed funding for the establishment of a bilateral collaboration with the purpose of writing a collaborative research grant (EU programs, DFG, VolkswagenStiftung, etc.) The funding should be divided in a balanced manner between the Lower Saxony and Israeli partners, and can be used for mutual visits, as well as for performing preliminary studies/experiments. Four kick-off grants are available per year.

Award: 5,200 €, 4,200 € awarded immediately, 1,000 € after submission of the joint proposal


  • Project description including work plan and financial plan (max. 4-5 pages)
  • CVs and publication lists from both partners, up to 10 selected publications
  • Copy of the submitted joint project proposal one year after grant award
How to apply?

We have kept the application process intentionally straightforward and simple. We do not use standardized application forms; applicants are asked to submit pdf documents, including your host’s invitation or a short description of the planned research work (see Grant requirements).

All application documents can be submitted though our online portal.