Undergraduate, graduate, PhD students, as well as postgraduate (PostDoc) researchers enrolled or working at one of the participating institutions can apply to the program. Eligible candidates must be members of a University in the Federal State of Lower Saxony or an Israeli/Palestinian university.

Please check this list for a complete list of participating institutions.

No, unfortunately we cannot assist you in finding a suitable supervisor or host. Candidates are responsible for establishing contact with a potential host group.

You need a short confirmation (e.g. by email), that you can be hosted by the group, which also outlines the duration of your stay and confirms that the proposed topic for your exchange visit has been discussed and is feasible.

The grant money can be used to cover travel and living expenses while at the host institution. Additional expenses beyond the allocated fellowship cannot be supported by ILSSE. We recommend you check your insurance status before travelling to the hosting country and make appropriate arrangements for health insurance etc., as required.

In the case of the kick-off grant, the available funds may also be used for purchasing materials necessary for preliminary experiments.

The travel and exchange bursaries are awarded to those who fulfill all criteria on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, until budget funds for the respective year have been exhausted. An ILSSE panel, consisting of academia and industry, reviews the kick-off collaboration grant applications and decides on their allocation.

Yes, in order to receive the final scholarship sum, you need to submit a short report (1-2 pages), providing details on the activities and results of your internship/visit. The final report should be submitted three months after return to your home country through the online portal. In the case of the kick-off grant, a copy of the joint proposal must be submitted within a year of the award to receive the complete grant award.